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Brazil Inc: import of terrorists and export labor lawsuits

Politics and International Law exist to regulate the relationship between countries and Non-Governmental Organizations. In this context, to enable this interaction on the world stage, the international community was organized through agreements and treaties, in which obliges signatory countries and organizations, to fulfill - both internally and externally - the principles and international laws accepted collectively. 

In this scenario, when the subject is the diplomatic relations between countries, it is highlighted the following international agreements and treaties: the Vienna Convention (I and II) and the American Convention On Human Rights (Pact of San José, Costa Rica).

Concerning the diplomatic relations between countries, the most important rule of the Vienna Convention is the one which conceptualizes sovereignty, territory and representativeness of each signatory country of the Agreement. In this part, it is defined (1) that the Embassies and Consulates are foreign territories, even when embedded within another country, (2) that each country is sovereign and subject exclusively to the laws or decisions of its own Judiciary or Executive Power, except if there is an international agreement or treaty electing common application of the law.

Regarding the rights of the citizens from the signatory countries of the international agreements and treaties, it is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which guarantees the fulfillment of the International Human Rights to any individual, regardless of its nationality. Examples of these: (1) the right to life, (2) the right to freedom, (3) the right to Court Access, (4) the right to work, among others. 

Now ask yourself:

(1) How come Brazilian Government, by its Minister of Justice, Mr. Tarso Genro, has been ordered by the Government of Cuba, has denied asylum and - without being judged by a Court - has arrested and deported the Cuban boxers Guillermo Rigondeaux and Erislandy Lara, simply because they have deserted the Cuban delegation during the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2007?;

(2) How come the Brazilian Government has violated the Treaty of Vienna, invading the territories of the Foreign Embassies and Consulates based in Brazil, to impose them the Brazilian labor laws, which not even in Brazil are considered fair? Daily, the Labor Court has been trying, with the support of the Minister of Justice, to impose a foreign country, its incompetent jurisdiction. This attack on the Vienna Convention has been sponsored by Labor Judges, who don’t have any expertise in international law, hardly knowing that deals and contracts entered into foreign territory are not subject to the Judiciary, nor the Brazilian Government

However, thismodus agendi” is not repeated in special cases, such as listed below:

(1) in the case of the Italian criminal Cesare Batisti, condemned by the Italian Government and its Judiciary for several murders, the Brazilian Government, had not admitted or accepted such decision as valid, within Brazil; or worse

(2) in the case of the Egyptian criminal, Mr. Ahmed Hesham Mahmoud Eltrabily sentenced in Egypt for the murder of 62 people during the terrorist attack that blew up a bus of tourists who visited the ruins of Luxor in 1977, the Brazilian Government did not accept the decision of the Egyptian Government. Contrary to the assertions of the Brazilian Labor Court, it is said that the decision of another country is not worth in the Brazilian territory, so that this terrorist, now lives and works in SP, despite having infringed the Right to Life of its victims protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, just as did the aforementioned Italian.

We must be alert, because we have already supported Iran in the UN, although its government kills adulterous women and covers the others in burqas, and now we are nearly supporting Libya, which perpetuates dictators, just like Cuba the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

things continue like this, the Brazilian Government, the Judiciary, and quite likely its people, will soon be known as exporters of the Labor Court "and" Importers of Terrorists "

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